Consider Your Call

Pope John Paul II




In 2005, the NCCS Vocations Committee published 25 Scouting stories, many with photos of priests, deacons and religious as a Scout and as a priest. If you have not read this publication, you may not realize the impact that Catholic Scouting can have on a young man who may be considering God's call to serve the Church. The link can be found here


The NCCS and our Church need the help of each Arch/Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting to help create a positive culture for Church Vocations. All important activities in Scouting and ministries in our Church require dedicated efforts by key individuals. Effective leaders gather knowledge, experience, and resources to focus attention on a particular activity or ministry, then develop ways to accomplish that mission.  


Bishop Gerald A. Gettelfinger, Episcopal Advisor to NCCS, has stated, "The Catholic Church is fortunate to have in the Scouting movement so apt a vehicle for Christian development. It can be noted that many church leaders today, clerical, religious, and lay, have come from the ranks of Scouting."


The NCCS Vocation Committee has been given the responsibility to provide support and
encouragement for each Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting (DCCS) to be a part of the
USCCB Pastoral Plan regarding vocations to the ordained ministry and consecrated life. Chairs of DCCS are asked to appoint an individual to fill the position of DCCS Vocation Chair. The Vocation Chair Handbook is a useful tool giving resources and information to support for this venture. Resources are offered to encourage and support your Committee's Vocations Chair. You can find the Vocations Committee Manual here and the Job Description here.


We look forward to receiving information from your DCCS regarding the name, address, phone
and e-mail address of the person appointed as your Vocation Chair. Your leadership and support for this new position is appreciated. Your commitment to form an effective Vocation Committee will offer a great service for diocesan vocation offices and the NCCS.


The NCCS Vocations Committee stands ready to assist all DCCS Vocations Chairs. Direct your questions to Chairman Susan Guidry at or Committee Advisor Rev. Ken Shuping at  






I want to share some exciting news related to one of our activities called the "Footsteps of American Saints." I learned that Pope Benedict approved a miracle attributed to the Blessed Damen of Molokai intercession, declaring that a Honolulu woman's recovery in 1999 from terminal lung cancer was the miracle needed for him to be made a saint.


I encourage all of you to share this information with the Scouts in your units. Blessed Damen of Molokai is a wonderful role model for our youth. Take this opportunity to learn more about his life by working on the Footsteps of American Saints activity for Blessed Damen of Molokai. For more information about Blessed Damen of Molokai and other saint activities, click here.


Have you thought about the priesthood or religious life?

No matter how old you are, there's something for you! 

Do you need some time to get away from distractions to pray about it, so you can listen? 


For more vocational discernment opportunities, visit the Office of Vocations Website, or call the Office of Vocations at 314-792-6460.  

Message to parents from Vocations Director Fr. Chris Martin:


Vocation Events & Retreats for Guys


Vocation Events & Retreats for Gals




Priesthood Sunday

All Catholic Scouters and friends of Catholic Scouting: Many of us wear multiple hats in Catholic Scouting and are active in our parish community. This is an event that you can wear two hats. Take time to make a difference in the life of a priest, your pastor, Catholic Chaplain, or your bishop.

Priesthood Sunday is a special day set aside to honor a priest and affirm the priesthood in the Church in the United States. We are called to help parishioners honor Christ as Priest and the men who were called to be his priests on earth. It was also a day to honor all religious and to focus on the importance of Church vocations. With the help of informed leaders, Catholic Scout Packs, Troops and Venture Crews can make a special effort to involve youth to make appreciation cards to be presented after Mass on Priesthood Sunday or at an event planned in their parish.

More Information:

More Information:

World Day for Consecrated Life 

The Church celebrates and offers appreciation for all men and women religious each year on the first Sunday following the 2ndof 2012 we remember our men and women religious this weekend, February 5th.   Take time this week to offer support, words of encouragement and appreciation to those who have dedicated their lives to serve the Church through consecrated life.




Gather your family around your dinner table to share stories about men and women religious who have been your teachers, nurses and have served in your parishes and pray for them using this prayer: 



Prayer for  World Day for Consecrated Life

Holy God,
With gratitude in our hearts, we praise you for your love and your fidelity
You have shown us the way to holiness through Mary and Jesus and many faithful witnesses. 
You continue to call men and women to dedicate their lives through the vows of  poverty, chastity, and obedience.
Give them courage to respond generously to your call with “Here I am, send me!”
Blessed by your Spirit, may we always proclaim your love with our lives.