Presentation Sunday

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This is a Prayer Service for for all girls, those in Girl Scouts, American Hertiage, Little Flower, or other Scouting groups as well as individual girls who have completed the faith formation award programs, Mary, the First Disciple and The Spirit Alive! A few groups from local parishes that have completed the Family of God and I Live My Faith participate as parish representatives.

Dear Moderators, Mentors, and Group Leaders,

We have rescheduled Presentation Sunday for Sunday, March 23, 2014 at 2:30 pm at the Cathedral Basilica.

Dear Moderators and Group Leaders,

On behalf of the Catholic Scouting Ministry Office, we want to thank you for your understanding of the cancellation of Presentation Sunday. 

We appreciate your frustration and share in your disappointment at the cancellation of the event. As we stated in our email from last Friday, however, we were fortunate enough to get another date.

The rescheduled date for Presentation Sunday is now for Sunday, March 23rd at 2:30 at the Cathedral Basilica.  

We understand that that this date may not work for everyone, so please read and respond to the following:

 Are you able to make the reschedule date of March 23rd?

            If yes, we ask that the moderator or group leaders contact us to confirm your groups attendance by Monday, March 10th.

 Are you unable to make the rescheduled date of March 23rd?

            You have a couple options, but we  ask that the moderator or group leaders contact us to confirm your groups attendance by Monday, March 10th..

Option 1-) You will be attending a simple prayer service at the Cardinal Regali Center at 7:00 pm  on Thursday, April 10th. (This date will only be scheduled if you RSVP via the moderators/group leader who will be attending)

 Option 2-) You will be making a presentation of your girl’s awards at your individual parish.                     ( Arrangements will need to be made to pick up your group’s awards)

 Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to hearing back from everyone by Monday, March 10th!


What: Presentation Sunday Prayer Service

Date: March 23, 2014 – Services start at 2:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. (Arrive by 1:45)

Place: Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis (on Lindell Blvd.)

Who: Girl Scouts and All Girls who have completed the Mary, the First Disciple and Spirit Alive Faith Formatin Award Programs.

Invite: Please be sure and invite your family, friends, Moderators, Mentors, Parish Priest and Religious to this special prayer service and presentation!

If you have younger girls who have completed the Family of God and I Live My Faith Formation award program you may also be a part of the specail day. We do have girls from a few parishes who wish to have their award presented to them at the Cathedral rather than their parish. However this is on a first come, first service basic. Please email with your request by including the type of program, your parish name, number of girls, and your contact information no later than January 3rd. All applications and payment along with a types list of the girls name and parish name are due bu February 3rd.

The above due dates do not apply if you are recieving your award at your parish. The due dates are up to each individual parish.

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