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“Why We March”

A few weeks ago, our Venturing crew went to Washington DC as part of the Generation Life pilgrimage. Our purpose was to participate in the annual March for Life and to learn how to be more pro-life in our personal lives. The pilgrimage was a fun, spiritual, and serious trip that brought many members of my crew together.  Being one of the older members of my crew, it is sometimes hard for me to find ways to identify with the newer members of the crew.  Through spending about 36 hours on the same bus , and walking around Washington D.C. with them, both on the march and sightseeing, I got to know these people as friends. 

From the march to the Masses with Archbishop Carlson and Bishop Rice,  we got a hefty dose of what it means to be both pro-life and Catholic, simultaneously. We also heard talks from the Sisters of Life who have dedicate their lives to creating a more pro-life world.  The REAP Team also came to talk to the 8th graders about how to help friends experiencing difficult situations in their lives, while a man from the Radiance Foundation spoke to the high schoolers about how we could promote pro-life ideas as we lived our daily lives.

On a more personal level, going on this trip helped me learn more about myself and how I can affect the lives of others.  It helped me realize how I can change many problems or help many good situations just by speaking up, something I rarely do.  I have realized that in speaking up I can change the world for the better.  This trip has helped me to grow in my faith as well as in my crew.  I have grown to realize more of who I am and what I can do for others.

All in all, this trip helped my group and myself to better understand each other, our faith, and what it means to be pro-life Catholics in a secular world. This is what Venturing is all about - venturing out of our comfort zone to make the world a better place.

Luke Szatkowski

Venturing Crew 2116

St. Justin Martyr Parish

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