Trail Blazer Award

Catholic Scouting Award

The award is given for noteworthy service by a member of the catholic committee, in furthering the aims of scouting and spiritual development of youth through activities of the Catholic Scouting Ministry and the Catholic Committee on Scouting.

Any member of the Catholic Committee may make nominations for the Trail Blazer Award by contacting the CCS Chairman and/or Director of Catholic Scouting and completing the attached Bio sheet.

Deadline for nomination is March 1st.

The true basis of the Trail Blazer Award is that of outstanding contributions by a member of the Catholic Committee who “blazes the trail to spiritual development, character and citizenship” for the youth engaged in scouting.

It is recommended that the presentation of the Trail Blazer Award be made at the Annual Catholic Committee Mass and Dinner.  

For Consideration as a recipient of the Trail Blazer Award, nominees must posses the following qualifications:

A) An active registration, in an adult capacity, with Boy Scouts of America for a period of ten years.

B) Active participation in Catholic Scouting programs for a period of ten or more years.

C) Membership in and active participation with the Catholic Committee on Scouting, Office of Catholic Scouting, for a period of five or more continuous years.

D) The nominee must have made a noteworthy, significant or outstanding contribution of service to the objectives of the Catholic Committee on a continuing basis, for a minimum of five years.

It shall be understood that while tenure is required and important, qualifications in consideration of all nominees, that tenure should not be considered as the determining factor in making the award. 





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