Silver St. George

Catholic Scouting Award

The Silver St. George Adult Recognition Award is the NCCS recognition for dedicated members of its national organization who have worked hard and diligently for many years at the national level, and whose accomplishments in carrying out the youth-serving mission of NCCS have been especially significant. NCCS will limit the number of awards to six per year. The first presentation included awards for 1997 and 1998.

The award includes a silver version of the St. George emblem, suspended on a dark blue ribbon.


  1. Recipients must be a Registered Scouter.
  2. Membership on the Executive Board or Executive Committee is not a prerequisite.
  3. Financial Contribution alone shall not be a deciding factor in the presentation of the emblem.
  4. Recipient must be a member of the Executive Board or one of its committees (Standing, As Hoc, Advisory) and/or hove provided significant service to National Catholic Scouting.
  5. While specific number of years active at the National Level shall not be a requirements for award, tenure at the National Level should be of significant length to merit recognition, i.e. circa 5 years.
  6. Previous recognition with the St. George by the individual's diocese shall not be a requirement, however the local ordinary, diocesan chairman, or chaplain should be consulted about the appropriateness of the award.
  7. Nominations are to be made by members of the Executive Board or members on one of the committees. Said nominations shall be received by the National Secretary no later than 60 days prior to either the Biennial Conference or Executive Board/Standing Committee Meeting.
  8. The Selection Committee shall be made up of the following:
    1. Past National Chair (Chair of the Selection Committee)
    2. Past National Chaplain
    3. National Secretary
    4. Two lay members and two clergy members all from different regions to the selected by the National Chairman as follows: 1 Standing Committee Chairman, 1 Standing Committee Advisor, 1 Region Chairman, and 1 region Chaplain. The members shall serve a one-year term and must sit out two years before being appointed again. Members of the selection committee are not eligible to receive this emblem during their term of service.
  9. The National Committee shall be permitted to present 1 Silver St. George for every 1,500 units under Catholic Auspices.

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