Pope Pius XII Faith Formation Program (Project Book and Award)

Catholic Scouting Award

Before you begin:

  1. There must be a trained Religous Emblem Counselor working with you on this faith building program. The Office of Catholic Scouting does offer training through out the year in the area. Click here to check out the dates we offer Relgious Emblem Counselor Training.
  2. Please complete the application "To Begin Working On" in the very front of your Pope Pius XII participant manual. Once you are finished with the program, you must participate in a peer Pope Pius XII Board of Review and then submit your application "For Review and Presentation" before you are allowed to purchase the award. Except for special circumstances, all Pope Pius XII awards are presented at the annual Scout Sunday service on the first Sunday in February.

What: A Catholic Scouting church-related ministry and vocation program. This program involves discussion and sharing from the youth in a group atmosphere. You will examine how being a Christian affects daily life in the real world; and challenge your own personal talents and abilities in light of a possible choice of lifestyle, vocation, or ministry. And lastly, to give the candidate an opportunity to share faith and practice his/her religion among peers, while receiving guidance and feedback.

When: This program could take between 6 and 8 months to complete. Emblems are presented every year at the Cathedral Basilica or on Scout Sunday at your local parish. 

Who: Anyone interested in the faith building program, of the Roman Catholic faith. You must have started the ninth grade. This program is for high school and also college level students.

Requirements: It is recommended that youth earn the Ad Altare Dei emblem before beginning to work on the Pope Pius XII program. However this is not required. It is required that the youth work in a group atmosphere, but we can also make an exception if that is impossible. The final requirement is an appearance before a board of review appropriately staffed by former recipients of the Pope Pius XII award. Check out our calendar of events to see events that correlate to the Pope Pius XII Faith Formation Program. There are a number of retreats and other events that are available for youth working on the Pope Pius XII program.

Some of the chapters include:

  1. In the Beginning: The goal of this chapter is to examine the individuals you have chosen to associate with, and explain the implications of these choices.
  2. God and You: The goal of this chapter is to explore what it means to be called by God through the Sacraments of Initiation, and how these calls continue in and affect your life.
  3. Life Choices: The goal of this chapter is to examine and discover various “life states” to which God may be calling you.
  4. 9 to 5: The goal of this chapter is to examine various professions of occupations, and seek to discover the ones to which God may be calling you.
  5. Here I Am: The goal of this chapter is to examine various ministries, and seek to discover the ones to which God may be calling me.
  6. A Melting Pot: The goal of this chapter is to examine the Church’s definition of vocation and how it and God’s calls link in an individual’s daily life through life state, occupation and ministry.
  7. Putting It All Together: The goal of this chapter is to aid the participants in a realization that our faith and call from God affect our daily life and how our daily life affects our faith and call from God.

Check out our calendar, here, to view important events correlating to the Pope Pius XII Faith Formation Program.