The Pathfinder Recognition

Catholic Scouting Award

Adult Catholic Committee on Scouting recognition award is presented to those who exemplify outstanding leadership and development of new methods and ways to minister to youth.

This recognition is awarded to Catholic Committee on Scouting BSA Members.

The program was founded by a faithful member of the Catholic Committee on Scouting, BSA in 2013.

Awardees as of 10/7/2014

Boedeker Allen 8/282013
Casolari Carol 9/21/2014
Dirnberger Dan 9/21/2014
Koeller Mike  4/27/2014
Koeller Sue 4/27/2014
Kosmowski Andrew 4/5/2014
Manott Charlie 4/27/2014
Powers Jim 7/17/2014
Ryan Jean 4/27/2014
Schneider Jim 9/21/2014
Unger Al 7/17/2014