NCCS Good Turn Project

The NCCS Good Turn Service Project was instituted by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting Religious Activities standing committee to recognize Catholic-chartered units for their service to the charter organization. The recognition includes a unit Certificate of Merit from the NCCS Religious Activities committee and a blank individual participant certificate that can reproduced locally. Outstanding projects may be summarized and listed in NCCS literature and/or posted on NCCS website. This national recognition is available to Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Venturing Crews. There are seven (7) steps to complete the project, starting with planning the project with the charter organization and ending with submitting the project for review and celebrating completion. The Good Turn Service Project Manual documents each step and includes templates and examples that can assist the project leader.

General Information

The Good Turn Service Project program is designed to provide Cub Packs, Scout Troops, and Venture Crews an opportunity to make an annual contribution to their Chartered Organization, and build a relationship between the two. The program is best conducted as a unit project rather than by a den, patrol, or individual venture crew member. In exceptional cases and specific type projects, it may be necessary to develop a plan for an individual or group in lieu of the entire unit. The important point is that the charter organization (CO) makes the decision identifying the project. Recognizing Scouting's important slogan "Do a Good Turn Daily," and oath "…help other people at all times..", the National Catholic Committee on Scouting strongly encourages Catholic youth in the Scouting Program to become involved in unit-sponsored service projects for their charter organization. Accomplishing an identifiable task gives a great deal of satisfaction to those participating in the project, and goes a long way in improving the relationship between the Scout unit and the charter organization. In addition, the project participants are given an opportunity to develop skills in planning, designing, and implementing a service project, and will expose them to proposal writing, interpersonal communication, and budgeting.


Any Boy Scouts of America unit chartered by a Catholic organization (church, Knights of Columbus, CYO, etc.) may participate in the program. Individual participants must be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.

Goals and Objectives of the Good Turn Service Project

The goal of the Good Turn Project is to have Catholic-chartered units provide a significant service to their chartering organizations as the unit members learn project management skills. The following objectives should take place while meeting the goal:

  • Increased communication between the Scout unit and charter organization.
  • Increased awareness of what the Scout unit can do for the charter organization.
  • Increased project and resource management skills for unit leaders and youth.
  • Increased interaction between the Scout unit and the (arch)diocesan committee.


The Archdiocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting will monitor the program and serve as a point of contact for the participating units and the Boy Scouts of America local council. They will not act as a decision maker as to the merit of the project, as that should be determined between the unit and charter organization.

  • Unit determine that they would like to perform a service project (step 1).
  • Contact the charter organization to discuss possible projects (step 1).
  • Develop proposals in the unit and prepare proposal for charter organization (step 2).
  • Present proposal to charter organization for approval (step 3).
  • Contact the Archdiocesan CCS chairman or chaplain to inform them that you have proposed a project.
  • Complete the project and evaluations (steps 4-6). Keep the diocesan contact updated on progress.
  • Send the completed forms to the NCCS office for Religious Activities committee review. (step 7)
  • Duplicate the individual certificates for each participant after the Religious Activities committee sends you the unit Certificate of Merit and blank individual certificate.
  • Celebrate the completion of the project. The unit should be recognized at the (arch)diocesan level and individuals at a parish/unit celebration.

The Good Turn Project Manual

The manual contains all of the information and templates needed to successfully complete the requirements of the Good Turn Project. Each step has an Introduction, Actions, and the Expected Outcome. Please click on the attachment below to download the manual:

Good-Turn-Project-Manual.doc186.5 KB