Mary, the First Disciple Faith Formation Program (Project Book and Awards)

Catholic Scouting Award

Before you begin:

  1. Training is required for all mentors and moderators wanting to work with the girls. A separate leader’s guide is given to the adult leaders at training. We offer many different training dates for the Mary, the First Disciple Program all through out the year.
  2. To check out dates for Moderator Training, click here.

  3. Please complete the "Declaration of Intent" and "Pledge of Support" in the appendix of your Mary, the First Disciple project book. Once you are finished with the program, you must attend the diocesan Day or Evening of Discipleship and then submit your "Application Form--The Marian Medal" in the very back of the project book before you are allowed to purchase the award. Except for special circumstances, all Mary, the First Disciple awards are presented at the annual Presentation Sunday service on the first Sunday in March.

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What: Beginning in 1956 and the first award offered to Girl Scouts, this program actively involves the participants in an understanding of Mary as a model of openness and spirituality – a woman of the Church through various projects, discussions, and liturgical celebrations over a period of months. Program must be completed by December 1st of every year in order to receive the award in March the following year.

Who: For youth in grades seven to twelve who are interested in completed the Mary, the First Disciple Faith Building Program.

Where: Medals are presented each year at the Cathedral Basilica during a prayer service on Presentation Sunday.

Purpose: To enable them to “proclaim the greatness of the Lord”. It is also a unique opportunity to develop new insights into their personalities, friends, parents, and the world around them. They will grow in of Mary and in understanding of themselves.

Chapters of the book include:

  1. Called and Chosen
  2. God With Us
  3. Mary Made a Difference
  4. Mary, a Woman for all Time

Important -Moderators please read!

Please submit information on each girl that is working on the MFD program by clicking on the following secure link. You were given a password and login at the training. If you need help contact our office.

This information will be used to send communications, generating certificates, name tags and for the program booklet at the prayer service on Presentation Sunday at the Cathedral.

There are many opportunities offered by the Office of Youth Ministry that can be helpful in completing the Mary, the First Disciple Faith Building Program. Such events include: The Day of Discipleship (required for all Mary, the First Disciple recipients); the Romantic Revolution; and the Catholic Weekend Retreat for Girls. These events are listed on our calendar of events on the Office of Catholic Scouting website.

Resources: The Office of Youth Ministry has available a DVD library available for lending. The following is a list of available DVDs:

  • "The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima"
  • "The Song of Bernadette"
  • "Jesus of Nazareth" (2 copies of available)
  • "Mary of Nazareth"
  • "Mary, Mother of Jesus"
  • "Picturing Mary"
  • "Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of America"

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