Keep the Lamp Burning Celebration

Catholic Scouting Award

The International Catholic Conference of Scouting (ICCS) has invited all members of Catholic Scout Associations to join in the 100 year celebration of Catholics in Scouting. The ICCS is providing opportunities for scouts to meet together as friends in the Catholic Church via the internet, jamborees, earning religious emblems and programs like Messengers of Peace.

These activities will:

  • Link the Catholic Church with the Scouting Movement all over the world
  • Contribute to the Catholic education of youth through Scouting
  • Enhance the spiritual dimension of Catholic Scouts in the World Scout Movement

Who can work on this program? 

All youth and adults—Scouts or non-Scouts, Catholic or non-Catholic, male or female—are welcome to participate in the Religious Activity Programs promoted by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting® (NCCS). These activities include the Rosary Series, the Footsteps of American Saints, the Modern Saints, the Marian Activities, the International Catholic Awareness Award, and the Good Turn Project. The activities may be used by families, schools, or any Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Cub Scout, American Heritage Girl, Campfire USA or Venture Scout, schools or any Catholic youth groups.

How long will this program be available? 

The Blessed are the Merciful program will conclude at the Boy Scout National Jamboree in 2017 at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve (SBR) in West Virginia

Will there be any additional International Catholic Scouting activities at the conclusion of this program? 

Yes. Plans are to introduce a program to follow that will encourage Catholic Scouts to continue to be good Catholic citizens of the world and emphasize the importance of their participation in the World Scout Jamboree that will be held in the United States at the SBR in the summer of 2019.

Do the completed answers need to be submitted to the NCCS? 

No. The answers should be reviewed by an adult. The activity patch can be ordered through the Office of Youth Ministry through our online store or at our office.

Is this activity considered a religious emblem that will allow the Cub or Boy Scouts to receive their Religious Emblem Knot after completion? 

No. This is considered a religious activity not a religious emblem. Upon completion, the Blessed are the Merciful commemorative patch is available, but does not meet the requirements of a religious knot.

The approval of the Blessed are the Merciful activity was granted on April 27, 2014 by the NCCS Executive Board, the day that Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II were declared saints.

Pope John XXIII is best remembered for his historic encyclical “Pacem in Terris,” and for his calling of the Second Vatican Council. He promoted Peace on Earth and by convening the Second Vatican Council helped open the Church to the modern world.

Pope John Paul II is most remembered for his charismatic nature, his love of youth and his world travels, along with his role in the fall of communism in Europe during his 27-year papacy. He established the Sunday after Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday and encouraged the praying of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Patch Activity Requirements

To earn this patch, Scouts and leaders will be asked to participate in the World Organization of Scouting “Messengers of Peace” program as they perform organized “Act of Mercy” community service projects. Specifically,

  1. Perform an act of mercy. The Corporal Works of Mercy are the kind of acts by which we help our neighbors with their material and physical needs. These acts are:;">
    • Feed the hungry
    • Shelter the homeless
    • Clothe the naked
    • Visit the sick and imprisoned
    • Bury the dead
    • Give alms to the poor
  2. Register the act of mercy on the Messengers of Peace website.

  4. Explain the history of the introduction of Scouting to Catholics by Venerable Father Jacques Sevin. This information is available by visiting the International Catholic Conference of Scouting link.
  5. Learn and pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Also you may find this Facebook page to be helpful :

Keep the Lamp Burning

Presentation of the Patch

Patches are to be presented to those who earned them and can be presented in a formal Awards Mass, Scout meeting, by family members, etc. The key is to make the presentation special, so the youth understand why they have earned this patch. Also, the patch should be presented in a timely manner so the youth is recognized shortly after completing the activity.